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What You Get With CBSmenu.com
On-Line Menu Ordering Program

Setup and licensing fee includes everything you need to get started taking On-Line Orders. Included in each Website Setup / Licensing Fee:

  1. eCommerce Site design
  2. Your Menu designed and published to your eCommerce Website ready to take orders!
  3. Restaurant on site software to receive On-Line orders
  4. Training on how to operate and change menu items / pricing
  5. Free program updates, 24/7/365 support, webmaster assistance
  6. Secure eCommerce site guaranteed to operate 24/7/365
  7. Secure eCommerce credit card payment gateway that pays you directly.
  8. 200 4x6 Post Cards customized to your restaurant to introduce your website and on-line ordering. Hand out at your restaurant or mail direct.
  9. Toll Free support for any questions for help with your on-line ordering program.
  10. Collect email addresses from all your customers to send your daily or weekly specials. Keep in touch with your customers to promote repeat business.

This offer is the lowest price in the industry. We have spent 7 years in the development of our restaurant on-line ordering program. CBSmenu.com offers complete 24/7 support at a low monthly fee. No hidden charges or surprises for maintenance of the eCommerce site.

Making changes to your on-line ordering menu is easy to do. You can access the web site directly free of charge or you can call CBSmenu.com for assistance with price changes, new items, or any other changes you want to do at a reasonable cost.

It is a fact that customer ordering with CBSmenu.com will increase each order by 24% to 85%. This is partially due to customer convenience of ordering and also the powerful “suggestive up selling” the CBSmenu.com program automatically offers your customers while they are ordering. You can customize this option to suggest an appetizer or dinner rolls or a desert. Increasing your average sales is easy with CBSmenu.com. Go to some of our demo websites and see for yourself.

To get all this you pay half down to get started. Within 1 to 2 weeks your CBSmenu.com eCommerce site will be active and ready to take orders. You then pay the balance when you have approved everything exactly how you want it. Within another 1 to 2 weeks you receive your customized post cards announcing your new on-line ordering website. You are now on your way to collecting all of your customers email addresses and on-line orders. Your brand recognition is also increased over the internet.

The monthly recurring charge of $79.95 is automatically ACH from your checking account each month. This pays for your secure eCommerce site that is guaranteed to operate 24/7/365. This is where your on-line orders are processed, automatically sent to your PC for printing at your restaurant. If you do not want to have a PC at your restaurant there is a FAX option for $.10 per order for the phone call. This secure site will take credit card payments that are sent directly to your bank account.

Ready to get started? Contact us now – a CBSmenu.com representative will start working with you to get all of your information and send you the licensing agreement to get started. You can also call CBSmenu.com to place your order and get all your questions answered in person by our trained staff: 800-843-7749.