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We are signing up Resellers that are website designers, POS installers, restaurant supply houses, and independent sales reps that want to expand territories for CBSmenu.com's On-Line Ordering program.

CBSmenu.com can work with the restaurant's website hosting company, or administrator, that may already have knowledge about the restaurant's menu and content management. We provide I-Frame integration so that the on-line ordering is seamless to your website. When a customer enters the e-commerce page, to place an on-line order, they never know they left the restaurant's site to process the order on a secure server. The secure e-commerce server is where the on-line order is processed and sent to your PC on site where it is automatically printed or optionally sent via fax.

Purchases by credit card go through our secure payment system gateway on the restaurant's very own merchant account. The credit card payments are paid directly to the merchant with no middle company handling your money.

To become a CBSmenu.com authorized Reseller, you can contact us via email on our Contact Page or call (800) 843-7749.