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CUSTOMER INTERFACE - your solution should reflect your brand and your customers should enjoy using it!!

Seamless integration with your websiteIncludedSo seamless, your customers will think you developed it yourselves!
Graphical designIncludedYour colors, your fonts, your artwork
Menu setup including couponsIncludedMenus behave how YOU want them to!
Usability testedYESSolution designed and tested for usability
eCommerce best practicesYESAvoid common eCommerce mistakes, make the most of all opportunities

ROBUST MENUS - your solution should be able to handle anything you throw at it!

Complex menu itemsYESPizzas which can be split, toppings which vary in cost by size
Time sensitive menusYESLunch menus and dinner menus with different times of availability
Complex couponsYESE.g. Family Meal Deals, Buy 2 Get Less Expensive Freeā€¦
Clickable artworkYESClick on a coupon, or "eat with your eyes"
Daily specialsYESSoup of the day and daily specials.
Item level upsellsYESWould you like breadsticks with that?
Menu level upsellsYESWould you like to add Toasted Ravioli to your order?
Cross sellsYESThank you for your order. You can buy our pizza sauce at mysite.com

OPERATION INTEGRATION - your solution should impact your operations as little as possible

Order delivery by POS integrationYESOrders delivered directly to your POS and through to your make-lines!
Redundant notification by phone or pagerOptional$0.25 per phone call; free paging to cell phone or pager
Use restaurant's current merchant accountYESOnline proceeds transacted DAILY via ACH
Price administration through your POSYESPrice updates on your POS are automatically updated to your online ordering

SELF SERVICE PORTAL - your solution should put YOU in control

Add new users without contact to CBSmenuYESGive everyone in your organization the access they need
Configurable user permissionsYESConfigure permissions so people can only access what you want them to
Add or change menus or locations yourselfYESMake any changes to your online ordering - without calling CBS Menu!

ONLINE REPORTING - your solution should give you all the information you need when you need it

Reports available online through portalYESAccess your statements online
End of day reports YESFor closing the register at the end of the day
Online performance reportsYESOrder metrics by restaurant, by account, by time period
Access to email addressesYESAutomatically send email addresses to your opt-in email provider

ORGANIZATION FOCUS - your solution should support your organization as well as it does your menus

Share menus across restaurantsYESFor multiple location operators
Support for franchised organizationsYESPrice tiers for shared menus within franchised organizations
Customize menus for any restaurantYESRestaurant specific items
Out of stock and "on holiday"YESMark items out of stock by restaurant; mark locations unavailable

SUPPORT MODEL - your system should support you in your business

Fully hosted solutionYESNo additional hardware or software to purchase or install
24x7 help deskIncludedHandle emergency situations like power outages and fraud orders
On-going enhancements to softwareYESOn-going enhancements to software included free of charge
Opportunity to influence product mapYESMany special requests can also be done for free
Additional services availableOptionalTraining classes, menu re-design, customized features