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Q: How do I know if online ordering is a good fit for my restaurant?

A: As a rule of thumb, if you are doing takeout, delivery or catering, then this technology will work for you. It is most appropriate if the food preparation time is significant, but this is not a requirement. For instance, pizza takes ~10 minutes to cook, so this is a great solution for pizza restaurants. However, sandwich cafes are also adopting this technology for business lunch catering, as are bakeries for business breakfasts.

Q: Our menus are pretty complex. Can you handle them?

A: We haven’t been stumped yet.

  • Some of the most complex menu items are pizzas, which can have multiple sizes (personal, large, XL), toppings which vary in cost by pizza size (pepperoni costs more on an XL than a L), toppings which can be split (pepperoni on half, sausage on the other), and options which cannot be split (pizza crust and pizza sauce must be the same on both halves of the pizza). And let’s not forget to ask if they want breadsticks with their pizza before they are done.
  • Another favorite is the casual dine in “combination meal”, where they can get a main course (e.g. steak) with 2 sides (baked potato and broccoli, each of which get their own options), and a side salad for a little more (with choice of dressing and a $0.50 upcharge for anchovies).
  • Or there is the sized menu item like Chicken Wings, which come in sizes of 1 dozen, 2 dozen or 5 dozen, can be had breaded or not, and with a choice of 5 sauces either dipped or on the side.

Q: Do you handle upsells?

A: Yes, at a few levels.

  • The first is the item level upsell, where you ask your customer if they want to convert their sandwich into a meal deal, or get a side salad with their pasta.
  • The second is the order level upsell where if they’ve completed the entire order but have not ordered an appetizer, ask them if they want a specific appetizer, or to choose from a group of appetizers

Q: Do you handle cross-sells?

A: Yes. The cross-sell is the final message once the food order has been completed.

This is useful for:

  • Location specific advertising space. “Thank you for your order. Present this receipt at Blockbuster @ 123 Main, and get a FREE POPCORN with any DVD rental.“
  • “Thank you for your order! Click Here to buy our T-SHIRTS for only $10.99”

Q: Do you handle coupons?

A: Yes. For instance you can have:

  • “Buy 2 medium pizzas and breadsticks for $15.99.”
  • “Buy 1 XL pizza get 1 free” where it can consider the entire set of pizzas ordered, sort them by price, and give the customer the best credit possible.
  • “Buy 1 entrée, get the second for ½ price up to a $6 credit” where the upsell options can be included in the $6 or not – at your discretion.
  • “Buy $20 of food, get $2 off the entire order”, but only if they know the activation code.
Q: Do you handle multiple locations?

A: Yes. The CBSmenu.com OOE (Online Ordering Engine) was designed with multiple locations and franchises in mind. For instance, you might have:

  • A single owner who shares menus across multiple locations.
  • Price tiers set up as multiple menus, where each restaurant location can choose which price tier to present to their customers.
  • Restaurant location level customizations, where menu items and options are either added or removed from the menu on a location by location basis.
  • Menu copies, so each owner can have full control of their own menus.
Q: What happens to the money once the transaction is taken on the internet?

A: We recommend each restaurant owner have an internet gateway account. With the gateway, the money transacted online would be transferred daily to the restaurant’s merchant account. The transactions will show up on your customer’s credit card statement as coming from your restaurant. The restaurant bank deposits are gross deposits (just like your in-store credit card transactions), making balancing a snap!

Q: What about fraud?

A: With the internet gateway, your customers will call the restaurant like any other credit card matter. It is recommended that you request proof of ID before handing over the order to your customers, and/or getting a signature on the order form.

Q: What happens to the order once it is placed?

A: The orders will be sent to your PC and printed immediately at no additional charge or can be directed to your FAX printer ($0.10 per call). This is the ideal method for transferring orders. It does require that the restaurant locations be connected to the Internet if you are using your FAX printer to print orders.

You can also get a redundant notification to the restaurant: sending a page, or making an automated phone call to the restaurant ($0.25 per call).

Q: Can I change the menus myself?

A: That is one of the best things about CBSmenu.com. The restaurant owners don’t need to call CBSmenu.com to change anything about the menus. It can all be handled online. Log in and change your pricing, add new items, or change specials with an easy to use interface.

Q: What if we have a problem at the restaurant?

A: CBSmenu.com provides a 24x7 help desk for emergency situations:

  • If your restaurant is out-of-service, you can mark your restaurant as offline. If you are not near a computer, you can call the helpdesk and have them do it for you.
  • If a customer at the restaurant is claiming to have placed an order and you do not have a computer handy to verify it, you can call the help desk and they will verify it for you.
Q: What types of experience do you have with eCommerce?

A: The 4 leaders of CBSmenu.com have 84 years of Information Technology experience and have developed eCommerce solutions for many of the fortune 500s including: Coca Cola, Hewlettt Packard, Oracle and Chrysler. One of our solutions for Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago transacts over $1B each day.

Q: What makes CBSmenu.com better than your competitors?

A: A few things:

  • Tight branding. The CBSmenu.com solution embeds into your website so seamlessly, that your customers will think you developed it yourselves. Your website’s familiar navigation bars will be accessible throughout the online ordering process.
  • eCommerce best practices. Our company background is in eCommerce, and we bring a lot of know-how to the table. Where some solutions are designed for wait staff (POS oriented solutions) or with a poor internet interface (kiosk solutions), this product is designed with the Internet in mind. Internet designs require very specific and predictable behavior, as well as their own look & feel. The online ordering experience from your restaurant should be as easy as ordering from gap.com or bestbuy.com.
  • Strong project management. We work closely with your organization to develop the best rollout strategies, simple and straightforward support systems, and change management for your franchisees. Our customers view CBSmenu.com as partners and trusted advisors, rather than merely vendors.
  • Value pricing. CBSmenu.com has fixed monthly plans and site licenses for large accounts. This way, you can budget the CBSmenu.com service as you would your phone bill, and be certain you are getting value for your online ordering solution dollar. The CBSmen.com solution is so affordable, you can’t afford not to do it.

    The flexibility, functionality and value pricing of the CBSmenu.com product have drawn rave reviews from the marketplace. We know that you will be equally impressed.

Q: How long will it take to install Online Ordering for my restaurant?

A: As a general rule, you should plan on about 2 weeks. However, this can be reduced significantly if necessary. The actual install and setup can be accomplished within a few hours on average. Testing, Review and Approval by the restaurant are typically the main reasons for the project to be prolonged over an extended period of time.